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If your brand or business does not show up on the search engines, it doesn’t exist. SEO is the driving force that lets your website be found online. With proper SEO, your website will rank higher on the search engine results pages performed by a user looking for your products, services, or other relevant information. 

At Defiant Ones Marketing, we are an Atlanta based SEO Company. We aim to get your site to rank on the first page of search engine results. High rankings mean greater visibility and more traffic, which can lead to more sales.  

Our SEO Services

 Defiant Ones Marketing is an established SEO company in Atlanta providing SEO services since 2019. Our SEO services are cost-effective, allowing businesses to grow by generating qualified leads from their website. We provide professional SEO services through our expertise in:

  • Accessibility
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Optimization
  • Local Online Marketing
  • Information Architecture
  • Search Engine Best Practices
  • Titles, URLs, Meta Data Research

What You’ll Get From Our SEO Services

Defiant Ones Marketing is known as one of the Top-rated SEO companies in Atlanta. You will get the following when you work with our SEO experts.

Higher Visibility

With our SEO services, your online visibility will increase. Your business will be topping more search results and reaching more customers seeking your services. 

Surpass Local Competition

Our Atlanta SEO services will have you rank on search words like “Near me” or “Close by.” You will see an increase in your website traffic and emails or phone calls for local searches. 

More Qualified Leads

You’ll receive more inbound leads from audiences who are ready to buy from you. You will see an improvement in sign-up.

Increased Revenue

Our Atlanta SEO services will help you convert more leads. Your business will see a boost in sales thanks to the increase in exposure and phone calls.

What Makes Our Atlanta Search Optimization Company Different?

Every company says they are different but in ways that don’t count. So what makes Defiant Ones Marketing different from other SEO companies in Atlanta? 

  • Experts oversee the strategy: Our respected SEO expert with executive-level business intelligence will build your SEO strategy. 
  • Custom SEO campaigns: We don’t offer “packages” because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in SEO. We create a custom SEO strategy for your company because each campaign has different requirements. 
  • Greater ROI: Our SEO strategy achieves greater results in a shorter time. We handle your website like it’s ours to uncover immediate and long-term opportunities. 
  • Everything is handled in-house: Most SEO companies in Atlanta outsource their work. Our team handles everything in-house.
  • Monthly reporting: You will get a monthly report detailing your progress, work performed, and upcoming initiatives.


Need Atlanta SEO Company? Contact Defiant Ones Marketing

If you feel your website is not yielding the results you desire, effective SEO can provide the perfect solution to not only improve your online visibility but generate leads. 

Call us today at 762-585-4664 to request a free consultation and digital evaluation.


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