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Adelaide SEO is all about creating quality content that your readers are likely to share on social media. At SEO Go, we invest time and other resources to ensure our clients’ websites rank higher on search engines. We recognize the effort it takes to build a personal brand, which is why we go out of our way to provide quality SEO services to our clients. We help our clients to be at the forefront of their industries by creating useful content and linking it to authoritative websites. We also use other white hat SEO techniques to achieve higher search engine rankings.

What is the importance of web analytics in SEO?

At SEO Go, we recognize the importance of web analytics in an effective SEO strategy. Once you have your SEO strategy and goals in place, you need software to track what works and what does not. Many web analytics solutions can track your SEO progress, including Google Analytics and Google search console.

SEO Go uses other tools to help clients understand who visits their websites and how they navigate away from their sites. We recommend the use of these tools even before we send visitors to your website.

Meta Descriptions

SEO Go specializes in writing unique meta descriptions for web pages. A well-crafted meta description is an essential SEO tool. The meta description provides a brief snippet of what your website is all about. It is the first section users see when they see your website result on search engines.

Search engines consider duplicate content when ranking websites. Therefore, duplicate content is the best way to decrease the ranking of your website on search engines. On the same breath, avoid duplicating your meta descriptions. Although search engines may not punish you immediately for using duplicate meta descriptions, it hurts the user experience.

Your meta descriptions should be unique. For instance, a meta description for a web page that talks about email marketing cannot be the same as one for a web page that talks about page conversion. The meta descriptions distinguish one web page from another.

How do URLs affect SEO?

It is advisable to use readable and meaningful URLs for your webpages. Search engines find it easier to rank URLs that users can read and understand. Consider using URLs that consist of words and dashes only. URLs with lots of numbers and characters are often difficult to rank. Remember, search users influence search engine rankings. A good URL should be:

  • Memorable to users
  • Search engine friendly
  • Easy to type

Social Signals

Build momentum on your website is by integrating social media into your SEO. Incorporating social media into your SEO has a positive impact on search engine rankings. However, this works with other SEO strategies. First, create useful and shareworthy content. In addition, add social media buttons to your posts. Make the social media buttons visible and encourage users to share your content. Use other strategies to help users to share your content, such as hosting social media contests and linking influencers in your posts and notifying them.

SEO Go has gained a reputation for being the go-to social media optimization consultant on the Internet. Please reach out to us today for white hat SEO tips.